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Freedom of speech

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

I want to create a blog that feels freeing, to have an outlet where I can create and give my full expression. Originally I wanted my blog to compliment my brand (which is still my overall goal), but I realize now I am my brand. Gold Dust embodies all that is me as the sole creator, so this writing reflects me and what I want to share with you. That being said, from now on I won't feel this weighted pressure to force something out on paper that is exactly one way or another. For now, I am going to fill these pages with whatever comes to mind. I want to speak freely, openly and have a space that is safe and warm here with you. This can get messy, this can be beautiful, but what part of life is not. This is real.


Here is an exert I wrote today after being inspired by writings from a ten year younger me:

Weather fascinates me. Similar to how writing on lined paper feels these days. It is nostalgic. As soon as you start to forget about the rainfall it enters back into your life. The rain in particular is so calming and pure, yet can cause havoc and chaos. Like on the first day it rains in a long time, so many accidents, floods, trees falling. Meanwhile, in that very same instant you can sit on your balcony and feel such a deep inner peace. I rather love the rain. It moves me, its aligns me, cleanses me, sparks my creativity, all the while bringing peace to my turbulent mind.

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