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Meet Kelsea

Gold Dust Womvn was always me, I remember as a child growing up listening to Stevie Nicks roar through my speakers. She inspired me to follow my dreams, and liven the free-spirt that was in me. I wanted to seek what set my soul on fire. I spent a lot of my time fearing the typical nine to five knowing where my true passion lied, which was getting my hands dirty (not quite literally) with mother natures gifts. ​

I, like many others out there, started my journey with natural products to help improve the maintenance of my body, and felt most natural products weren't as natural as they claimed. I wanted minimal ingredients for my minimal life, and that is where Gold Dust Womvn was created.


I love the freedom you get playing with natural ingredients. Most are sensitive to our skin and bodies, and the earth. One of the Gold Dust Womvn core values is to produce environmentally sound products, all the way down to the shipping. I source many ingredients locally, and use various organic ingredients.


I hope you truly enjoy the magic from whichever Gold Dust Womvn product you choose. 

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